More and more industries are adopting digital manufacturing tools to improve production efficiencies, reduce lead times, enhance development and iterate faster than ever before. 3D printing enables companies to speed up production by tightening supply chains and increasing in-house capability across aerospace, automotive, dental, engineering, medical and manufacturing industries. Companies utilising additive manufacturing correctly are saving thousands on their bottom line while reducing development and production lead times by weeks and months.

Using a 3D printing service or bringing the capability to print in-house can quickly save significant time and money when compared to the use of traditional manufacturing methods.

At AMMA Solutions we provide:

  • A printing service tailored specifically to each customers’ needs
  • Sales, installation & training for 3D printing machines to get you set up with everything you need to bring additive manufacturing in-house

Our experienced engineers work closely with clients to identify individual pain points, as well as opportunities and applications where 3D printing could help. We can effectively compare existing processes and alternatives to help you calculate your own ROI (Return On Investment).