Training & Education

AMMA provide a range of training and education services from group-based introduction and software training, to one-on-one feature-specific education. The aim of our training courses is to enable our customers to install, operate and solve technical issues with their 3D printers without requiring a technician. All training is tailored to suit your own needs and existing printing knowledge.

Training & Education

Introduction to 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

This training is ideally suited to people looking at 3D printing for the first time and those in need of a refresher on where the industry is currently headed. Covering the basics and the most commonly used technologies and materials, AMMA show what is currently possible and what options exist in the marketplace. More advanced and detailed topics are covered such as specific use-cases which can be tailored to each organisation’s requirements – whether in Electronics, Healthcare, or Model Making!

Software Features and Usage

To get the most from any potential investment it always makes sense to have a thorough understanding of the tools and processes involved – as with nearly everything, this relies massively on the software involved. AMMA has years of experience and first-hand knowledge of using many different software packages for CAD, Modelling, CAM, and Management of systems. We can provide tailored sessions to focus on the specific needs of our clients and their industries.

Advanced 3D Printing

Advanced 3D Printing topics can range from material properties and capabilities to cutting-edge printing technologies. Modern advances such as Markforged’s CFF “Continuous Fibre Fabrication”, which reinforces parts with fibres to produce composite materials, and Ultimaker’s online Material Marketplace are unlocking new possibilities never seen before. Similar to the introductory training, AMMA can provide tailored sessions to clients that delve into the particulars of a specific application or use-cases and industries.

Materials & Printing Technology

There are thousands of different materials for 3D Printing available today along with many different printing technologies and brands – how do you know which is suited to your application? AMMA can help. With detailed knowledge of different technologies and materials we can advise and verify on technology/material selection.

Design for Additive Manufacture “DfAM”

The best returns are experienced by organisations that fully embrace additive manufacturing – key to this is adapting design and manufacturing processes to exploit new possibilities. Using “Design for Additive Manufacture” principles companies can transform their design and production endeavors for the better. From simplification and consolidation of multi-part assemblies into single-piece units, to massive reductions in QA and related operations, all contribute to greater efficiencies and quicker responsiveness. AMMA has extensive engineering experience across many sectors and industries enabling us to carry out detailed analysis of exactly how and where to focus efforts for the best returns.

Process & Work-Flow

Central to the success of introducing additive manufacturing to any organisation is adapting existing work-flows and processes to suit additive manufacturing. We can look at your new product introduction ‘NPI’ and similar design methodologies to advise where 3D printing could help. Integration of additive manufacturing at the heart of R&D strategies can equip an organisation with the agility and flexibility to remain competitive and responsive to customers’ ever growing expectations.

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