Servicing & Repair

At AMMA we have extensive engineering backgrounds in design & manufacture of complex machines and systems. We can provide full servicing & repair of all brands of 3D Printers and related equipment, even if you didn’t buy from us!

Out of warranty repairs and servicing can lengthen machine lifetimes by years and allow continued operation even for heavily used equipment. Our team of engineers have access to a full range of electronic & mechanical test equipment and tools to provide a professional service at an attractive price.

From one-off and managed preventative maintenance regimes, to motor and circuit-board level repairs, we can handle nearly any request.

Our repair service includes an initial diagnostic and assessment session to identify any issues, and hopefully provide a quick-fix if possible. If further action is required a plan is created to define and cost the next steps in detail. After agreeing to the plan any further remedial actions will be carried out, followed by a closing diagnostic and assessment session to ensure proper operation of the machine.

Repair and Servicing operations are normally carried out at our servicing facility by IPC certified technicians, but on-site options are available to minimise downtime and disruption for our customers.

Our services cover simple day-to-day maintenance operations to complete overhaul and modification of machines.

We can help with:

  • 3D Printer head Clogging, extruder filament jamming, air printing.
  • Prints not sticking to the build plate, rafts peeling off.
  • Print too Stringy or too many blobs.
  • Ripples or Cracks on the surface, poor layer adhesion.
  • Support material too hard to remove.
  • Poor performance on different layer heights or speeds restricting use only on a few settings.
  • Very Noisy 3D printer with grinding, screeching and rumbling noises while 3D printing.
  • Garbled 3D Print, the printer extrudes random plastic out.
  • And more!

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